National IT Professional Day 19 September 2017

Today is National IT Professionals Day! A day for IT professionals worldwide – the unsung heroes – to feel proud of their knowledge, their skills and their roles within their organisations.

Without IT professionals, how would workers deal with Programming, Engineering, Database Administration, Networking, Web Development, E-Commerce, IT equipment maintenance, and the hundreds of other technical tasks that IT professionals silently manage on a day-to-day basis? How would employees get through their working days without computer assistance, protection from cyber attacks, or knowing that someone else has managed to get two key pieces of company software to talking to each other enabling us to work more efficiently?

The role of IT professionals is crucial in our business world today. And as IT professionals ourselves at Mitra Innovation – where we work to develop entire processes that support organisations’ global growth and deliver innovative and enterprising products and services – we’re celebrating the unsung heroes of modern business.

We also invite businesses and technology users everywhere to unite and say thank you to the IT professionals that make life easier by working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep technology running smoothly.

Say thank you by sharing this post with your favourite IT Professional today!


National IT Professionals Day (observed annually every third Tuesday in September) was submitted by Solarwinds (an IT company headquartered in Austin Texas) in March 2015. It was declared a National day by the registrar of National Day Calendar.

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