Daughter’s Day 24 September 2017

To be born as a girl child is a unique blessing in itself and hence gives a reason to celebrate. To highlight this fact an entire day is dedicated to the girls, popularly celebrated as Daughter’s Day. National Daughter’s Day is a day that is celebrated and dedicated to honour the existence of the females. The day celebrates the occasion of being blessed by a daughter’s love and affection.  The significance of daughters is different in different countries. For instance, in India, daughters signify Laxmi (wealth) while in the Nordic Countries they signify life (to carry on life), which is true.

Hence, we can say that females are God’s own blessings. It is a universal fact that without girls, it is impossible to carry forward the legacy of any family. It is impossible to think of a family without a woman. A daughter is one who lights her own house and after marriage brings prosperity to the new house as well. She is the base of any family and acts as a binding force.

Daughter’s Day Celebrations

Daughter’s Day is celebrated worldwide on the last Sunday of September every year. This year, it will be celebrated on the 24nd of September. Although Daughter’s Day celebrations occur in most parts of the world however, the concept is not very prevalent in India.

It is the need of the hour to realise the fact that daughters are a reason to celebrate. They bring happiness and prosperity in the lives of the parents. On this day, people gather with their daughters to make them feel special and make them realise that they are appreciated.  They are pampered with gifts and taken out for outings. The day defines the importance of girl child in our lives. Therefore, especially on this occasion, shower your love and blessings on all the daughters around.

How to celebrate Daughter’s Day at home?

  • Take this day as an opportunity to highlight the importance of a girl child and explain it to your children. Tell them that they are precious.
  • Narrate life stories of women like Sania Mirza, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla etc. who have achieved great heights in their respective fields of work.
  • Take a pledge with your child that you would give the due respect to all the females around. Also, aim to eradicate the malice of female infanticide.
  • Generate awareness about female infanticide, review the age-old rural thinking and remove the stigma of gender biasness.
  • Make badges for your daughter like “World’s Best Daughter,” “You are special” etc. to make her feel special.
  • Give your loving daughter a surprise on this special occasion.  (Take her out for a movie or treat of her choice)
  • Invite your daughter’s friends and organise a party to make this day a special one for both her and her friends.

Use the above tips to celebrate this day with fun and fervour with your children.

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